The Basis of Video Editing

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What is Editing?

Editing comes in different forms:

Breif Explanation

Video Editing

Video Editing is pretty much adding effects to videos wheater your own videos or a seletion of clips you put together to make an AMV (Animated Music Video). Video editing is very popular these days since Youtube is now a big platform for people to see other people record themselves and edit thoses videos they record and put it on the internet, but it is pretty complacatied if you never had experince with any programs or apps.

Photo Editing

Photo Editing is a very common type of editing. This type of editing is mostly used on public platforms or social media. Their are negative sides to this since photo editing has been taken for granted and now is impacting society and their body image and self esteem. Photo editing is pretty much taking a photo and ajusting the picture or "redesining" it to fit your likings. Photo editing can go as much as adding a filter so your selected photo or photoshoping different areas of the photo to have a nice look.

Art and Animation editing

Art and Animation Editing is probably the hardest of the three listed above. It involes tomns of code work and design. Most comonly people use thier own art to make their own animations, either 3D or 2D. This type of editing is very common in video games and anime. Its more so captured by their visuals.